Social responsibility

Universe Pack is a leader in waste processing and paper recycling specialists. We collect and recycle paper and cardboard.

Paper and cardboard is collected from companies and communities in order to be valued by sorting and baled. Paper and cardboard become CRF (Cellulosic Recycling Fibers). This new raw material will be consumed by our subsidiaries to transform into new cardboard products.

Waste management

Recycling paper does not take place only when it is recovered, but is also a core activity within our factories, which process waste into new raw materials and finished products.

Freshly produced dough still has to undergo a number of processing steps before it can be sold. So here’s how you go from raw material to finished product.

Cardboard Usage
Provision of ready-to-use cardboard
Manufacture of recycled cardboard in reel form
User’s Selective Sorting
Selective Sorting (waste disposal)
Pulping and de-inking process
Sorting and Resale Center

Let's start with the cardboard reels !

Once passed through high-precision tanks to be separated and processed, the paper to be recycled still wet with water will be taken to the dryer machines intended for clamping it between the steel cylinders.

In addition to this drying process, which is a crucial step for recycling paper, the heated cylinders determine the weight of the paper according to their temperature and their spacing.

To recycle paper on a larger scale, facilitate cutting and efficiently meet the needs of industrial production, sheets of several hundred meters are automatically recovered as a mother reel of paper at the exit of the machines. And for the finished product to be stored, the mother reel will then be
divided on other smaller reels called daughter reels.

Every reel will be directly labeled with all the features, namely the quality of the paper-cardboard, the date of production, the weight, the grammage, etc… then sold to the cardboard factories as raw material for the cases, plates and others.

This process is almost the same BUT!

The same collection and recycling process is repeated in the production of the honeycomb trays. We have several centres that collect paper and cardboard waste and send them to our factories for recycling, subsequently forming a cellulose dough which will be reproduced as honeycomb trays.

Our commitments

Our premises possess several wastewater processing stations at a 2300m³ / day flow rate. The processed water complies with the NT 106 Tunisian standard.

Part of this water is sent to ceramic producers and another part is used for irrigation. We have several waste recycling machines for the different production lines.

Our subsidiaries possess dust removal air systems which are used to avoid respiratory diseases, degradation of machine gears and the risk of fire.
We have entered into contracts with the (APAVE / Sybolt) inspection service providers.