Corrugated Cardboard Packaging

Corrugated Cardboard

Carton ondulé Universe Pack

Presentation :

Universe Pack has been specializing in corrugated cardboard packaging for several years. We operate in the manufacture of customized corrugated cardboard packaging as well as paper transformation, we are always ready to develop optimized packaging solutions and to better meet the expectations of our customers.

Industrial Packaging :

Corrugated cardboard takes the position of a leader in logistics packaging. Thanks to its many qualities such as strength, robustness, lightness and recyclability, it is the most used material in industrial and commercial packaging.

A large part of corrugated cardboard packaging is used in the agri-food sector but it should be noted that it is also used in all industries such as the automotive industry, electrical and electronic equipment, cosmetology, hygiene, pharmacy, etc …

Ecological Packaging

Our ecological packaging is designed for food professionals looking for packaging solutions for all types of fruits, vegetables and perishable foodstuffs.

Fruit and vegetable crates, recyclable food trays, catering packaging… choose freely from our product references.

The ecological packaging solutions that we offer (see Our Products) guarantee excellent preservation of the products you sell to your customers. Conservation but above all quality protection so as not to damage food products.

Our Products:

Distribution :

We produce large format standard and personalized boxes, strong and perfect for transporting and storing your products without risk.
• Recommended for the protection of your most fragile items and for long-term storage.
• Cardboard in single and double corrugation
• 100% recyclable